Thanksgiving weekend sale info!

Sale starts Thursday 12 am PST ends Monday 11:59 pm PST

30% off Store! 2x Reward Points! Each day has a bonus gift you get for spending $30 or more that day! No need to add it to your cart! 1 per person per day, with exception of cyber Monday. You can earn $10 in gift cards for ever $30 spent that day, no limit!

Thanksgiving Thursday : 30% off + Bonus Mystery Bag ??? with purchase of $30 or more.

Black Friday : 30% off + Bonus Mystery Bag ??? with purchase of $30 or more.

Small Business Saturday :30% off + Bonus Random Color me Kit (Screen w/ matching cutter Set) with purchase of $30 or more.

Customer Appreciation Sunday : 30% off + Bonus Random Full size screen with purchase of $30 or more.

Cyber Monday : 30% off. For every $30 spent you get a $10 Gift Card (sent to your email with in 24 hours of order). No limit on this! spend $30 get $10 spend $60 get $20 ect. Gift cards do not expire! Use during any sale!