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Build a Gnome for the Holidays!

You can get just the Base Set or upgrade to the Gnome for the holidays monthly subscription to get a Holiday/ Seasonal Gnome every month! Or buy only the Holiday add on's you want! Cancel anytime. 

The Subscription gets the base set , a special screen only available in Gnome box, The currant Holiday/ Seasonal Add on and a new not yet released gnome imprint cutter! The New Gnome set will not be available until the month following your Subscription shipment! 

Base Set only  Includes:

Base Body Cutter, Hat with Beard and Mustache Imprint cutter and Hat with Beard Imprint Cutter.  

Base Set + Holiday Add on Subscription Includes:

Base Set of 3 cutters, Holiday Hat Imprint Cutter, Fine Detail Brush, Tweezer, Rhinestone Pencil, 4 section Holiday Screen only sold with this set and Jar of Decorative Embellishment's (Jar contains a variety of items. Could include Rhinestones, polymer clay slices, Beads, Charms and other add on items) 

Bonus for Subscriber's! Special Gnome imprint cutter Early Release the month before available on website.

By choosing the subscription you are getting the base set at no extra cost, New not yet released Gnome Imprint and a New Holiday Screen only available in the Gnome boxes! After the First box is sent you will receive the Next Holiday/Seasonal Set the first week of the following Month. Example order in January get the first box shipped with in 3 business days of order, then you are Billed 30 days after and you will get the next Holiday/Season add on set in the mail. 

Holiday Add on Set ONLY includes:

Holiday Imprint Hat, Jar of Decorative add on items and Special Holiday Screen only available in Gnome boxes.