Sun / Moon

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Large Focal 4 x 6 Silk Screen. Great for Journal’s, glass frames and plates!

OPTIONAL VARIATION: Upgrade your Silk Screen to The Purple! The Purple has more adhesive and is more sturdy. The extra stick allows you to use the screen on glass, wood, metal, or any other surface that you want the screen to hold onto better. You can use on Polymer clay, raw or baked. BUT because it is more sticky, you can remove any paint or other surface treatments you place the screen on. So I do not recommend that you use it for layering  on top of already painted pieces, glitter, mica, or other surface treatments that the screen's adhesive might stick to and pull off. Screens work with paint, fabric ink, etching cream, chalk paints and so much more! This screen really opens my products up for other multimedia uses! See Variations and choose Upgrade.