Silk Screen Use and Care

Thank you for your purchase! My screens are a little different from ones you may have gotten in the past so please read the below instructions! Thank you again!! Happy Crafting!



You must use a release agent of some kind, Water, corn starch or armor all. If you do not, your clay will get stuck in the details.





These silk screens have a slightly tacky side.  When you peel off the film, save the film to put screen on after cleaning and drying. You put the tacky side down onto your clay, or wood, or glass or whatever you are using it on. It can be lifted and adjusted as needed. Smooth screen out and ensure it is attached to your project.

You can use a squeegee blade to apply paint, or gently with a brush. Powders can be done with a brush or fingertips. Microfine powders or microfine glitters work best.

When you are finished applying your medium, place the silk screen into a tub of water letting it lay flat until you can take it to a sink to clean completely.

When wet the screen may stick to itself, if this happens, just run under water to get it wet again to release. Do NOT pull on dry screen as it can stretch.


The Purple screen can be used in many of the same ways as Blue BUT is much stickier than Blue. It is not to use on raw clay. Best use is baked clay, glass, fabric, wood or other hard surfaces. This can be used with most etching creams, and water-based paints. Please test a small area with untested mediums. The stickiness can attach to base layers of mediums causing it to come off so only use on properly dried or cured base layers of medium.



When finished with the screen and ready to clean, just run under warm water to wash off the medium. You may wipe with a damp cloth carefully as to not damage screen.

Once clean, lay it tacky side UP on a paper towel or kitchen towel. Allow to dry completely and reapply to the film (see below). It is important to allow to dry completely as a wet screen can be stretched and warped if pulled. Once dry, it is very sturdy



If cleaned and dried properly you will be able to reuse the silk screen many times. Tacky side will stay tacky after cleaned and dried. If you lose tackiness just lightly re wet with gentle cloth or fingers. Do not store in direct sunlight.