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# 5 Cutter Set - Fancy Scallop

# 5 Cutter Set - Fancy Scallop

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The gentle scalloped edge of this cutter, terminates in a point at both ends, so it is easily reversible. Purchase the pendant sizes for a bold look, or the earring sizes for more delicate jewelry. Or treat yourself to ALL sizes, and explore the possibilities!

Polymer Clay Cutters Your Choice Of:

All Sizes Set

2.5 inch single (2.5x1.8 inches)

2.0 inch single (2.0x1.4 inches)

1.5 inch single (1.5x1.2 inches)

1.25 inch single (1.25x.9 inches)

1.0 inch single (1.0x.8 inches)

Cutters are 10 mm tall, beveled edge
Made with PLA 3D printing

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